Hello, and welcome to my writing.

Basically…I’m writing fiction, and what I write will end up on here. What I do is mostly akin to fantasy, though I prefer to have a decently strong streak of “reality”, just with plenty of fantastic elements infused into it.

I’m also not experienced. That’s what all of this is for. Experience. Since I also don’t have a writing group or all that many people to show my writing to before I post, you’ll all get to see a draft or two of my writing, and make any comments or suggestions you’d like. In a way, you will all be a part of the development of the stories as well. I don’t know how this will work, but I figure it’s worth trying out, at the very least. Eventually I hope to get together either a unified group of editing people, or to be good enough to edit well enough on my own.

Some pages you might be interested in:

Legal – This is exactly what it sounds like. Read this before doing anything else. By visiting any other page on this website, excluding this front page and this legal page, you certify that you have read this document and agree to comply to all the terms presented therein.

Latest Posts – Here you’ll find the latest writing entries I’ve put up, and any non-writing posts as well.

About – A bit of background information about me, this project, contact information, and anything else I can think of.

Active Projects:

Taris – A pseudo-modernist metaphysical fantasy, revolving around the lives of two central characters: a man in the afterlife, telling his story to a guiding spirit; and his son, still alive, who feels the effects of his father’s actions on his life.


2 Responses to “Front Page”

  1. Cat :3 Says:

    you have a site now 🙂
    kudos. and i shall be a regular reader huzzah!

  2. Hedric Says:

    having comments on the front page of your site seems like an invite for spam and unnecessary commenting

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